Workshops & Consultations

We offer workshops & consultations for nonprofits, charities, and impact startups to help your organization make a greater impact.

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Let's work together

From Equity Diversity, and Inclusion to Technology,
we're excited to support your organization.

Interactive Knowledge-Building Workshops

Sign up to MeaningfulWork for Social Impact Organizations Premium for 1 year of access to exclusive workshops and consultations with a MeaningfulWork Expert. We offer a sliding scale from $25 to $200 to reduce financial barriers.

The exclusive workshops and consultations are aimed to uplift your organization in key areas in-demand areas.

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Public Webinars

Once a month we hold a workshop on one of these topics.
For a custom deliver of a public webinar, please sign up for our premium
subscription for a custom delivery to your organization.


How to successfully work with skilled volunteers

Ready to get support from skilled volunteers? In this webinar, we will provide tips and best practices on how to successfully work with skilled volunteers. This includes setting expectations, preparing milestones and project deliverables and onboarding tips. 

Intro to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the NPO space

New to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)? In this workshop, you’ll receive an introduction on EDI and anti-oppression. Workshop participants will walk away with critical knowledge in EDI, and next steps to take within their organization.

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Intro to Impact mapping with Theory of Change and SDGs

In this workshop, you will gain the knowledge to build your organization’s theory of change. This is a powerful framework to visualize and communicate your impact and how you make it to key stakeholders. Our Impact mapping system integrates the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Design Justice Principles to keep your organization's communications up to date. More Information on our framework is available here 

How to leverage online tools for NPOs

In this digital age it can be overwhelming to decide which online tools would work best for your organization. In this webinar, we will go through top tools that help organizations in the following areas: communications, collaborations, marketing and fundraising.

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We have resources too!

Here are free resources we provide to nonprofits to help support your organization

Nonprofit KPI Dashboard 

Google sheets template 

Download our free MeaningfulWork KPI Dashboard for Nonprofits to measure what's important to your organization and track metrics as well as their key performance indicators to help make a bigger impact.


What our members are saying

MeaningfulWork's Impact Story Building workshop helped build a cohesive story behind our EV battery upcycling company for our biggest successful investor pitch competition yet! 


Edward Chiang
CEO - Moment Energy


We learned so many valuable lessons and skills - and are excited to apply MeaningfulWork's Impact Mapping methodology to our work.


Yoonji Choi
Co-Founder - Cultivate Inclusivity, Cirendipity
MeaningfulWork's Impact Mapping workshop is an innovative way to clearly connect the dots between what we do. We're excited to use the Theory of Change framework with our Board to map out our organization's strategy.

Rochelle Prasad
Executive Director - Spark Foundation

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